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Become an Outdoor Officer

It takes courage to take responsibility for a good work environment. Do you want to take the lead and motivate others to get into good habits?


What is an Outdoor Officer?

At Outdoor Office Week, you can become an Outdoor Officer in a short time and gain skills to inspire your workplace to use nature during the workday.  


In office workplaces, we are inside the majority of the workday and spend time in front of a screen while sitting down or, in the best case, standing at our height adjustable tables.  


Research shows that more and more people are getting stressed in Denmark. But with a breath of fresh air from nature, you and your colleagues can get closer to fresh ideas and creative solutions faster. Just a short time in nature has a stress-relieving effect on us and increases creativity and job satisfaction.  


As an Outdoor Officer, you show how easy it is to get outside for work and thus help your workplace to strengthen mental health and well-being at work among your colleagues. 

It may sound easy to motivate and mobilize colleagues to use nature during Outdoor Office Week, but our experience shows that it becomes easier if you have some selected colleagues who are extra well prepared and ready to motivate.


That's why you can now become an Outdoor Officer: a course that gives you the knowledge and skills to be successful with Outdoor Office Week at your workplace. 

Outdoor Officer
- Online course

You get:   

  • Insight into the research and the mechanisms behind nature's good effects at work

  • Knowledge of how you can motivate colleagues and bring your work tasks outside into nature (even when it's dark and cold)

  • Tools for how you can practically help colleagues to experience the good influence of nature

  • An inspiration catalog with lots of ideas. how you can organize a week that suits your opportunities and surroundings

  • A course diploma

New dates:

Module 1 25/10 8.30 – 10.00 Danish

Module 1 26/10 8.30 – 10.00 English


Module 2 14/11 8.30 – 10.00 Danish

Module 2 15/11 8.30 – 10.00 English

Price: DKK 929 per person

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