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Outdoor Office 

Thank you for a wonderful week!

Now we can officially declare Outdoor Office Week 2023 a success!

We at the Outdoor Office Week team are so grateful to everyone who has helped participate in one or more ways this past week! Thank you!

We are already very much looking forward to next year!

The week that went

Tuesday June 6

To start the week, Outdoor Office Week held a kickoff with Regitze Siggaard online. Here, Regitze talked about how to remember to take your tasks outside with you and what the advantages are of working outside. 

Thursday June 8

On Thursday, Outdoor Office Week will draw two winners of the week's competition. The two companies that won received sunshades and t-shirts.

Wednesday June 7

In the middle of the week, the team behind Outdoor Office Week had lunch outside in the lovely weather and encouraged the participants to do the same and share their beautiful photos with us. 

Friday June 9

On Friday 9 June we held Outdoor Office Day at ARKEN - museum of modern art in Ishøj. It was a beautiful and sunny day when the participants worked and heard presentations.

Remember to register yourself and your company for Outdoors Office week 2024

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