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About us

Read more about Outdoor Office Week's vision, mission and values.



The aim is to increase the mental well-being and efficiency in all companies.

During Outdoor Office Week, we show how easy it is to use nature in daily work. How something we have close at hand can increase both productivity and concentration. We motivate new good habits so that we can help improve well-being in the workplace. Together with nature, we stand stronger - as a workplace, as employees and as a society.  


Outdoor Office Week shows how easy it is to get outside with work and helps to strengthen mental health and well-being in the workplace.


During the week, we give you inspiration for how you can bring your surrounding nature into your workday. We do this via workshops, webinars and Grab & Go bags for everyday life that make it easy to get outside and to pair a work task with an outdoor activity – regardless of whether you are in the city center or the industrial quarter. 


We train and certify Outdoor Officers via short targeted courses, so that every company has people who motivate colleagues. In this way, the week lays a solid foundation for keeping the good habits going throughout the year.   



Research shows that more and more people are getting stressed in Denmark. The most frequently reported workplace injury from office workers is, according to the Danish Working Environment Authority, psychological problems such as stress and depression.

Outdoor Office Week is a step on the way towards a better and more productive work culture. Preliminary research shows that outdoor work activities have a positive effect on mental health, job satisfaction and reduce stress levels. 


Outdoor Office Work is an association with the ambition to increase the well-being of employees at workplaces by creating a focus on carrying out work outside and utilizing the healing powers of nature - employee for employee, workplace for workplace and local community for local community.


Regitze Siggaard 

Founder & CEO

Regitze is an expert in sustainable working life and well-being in the workplace. She has developed and implemented more than 250 projects targeting mental, social and physical health in large and small private and public workplaces. She has helped design and run processes in the research project "Smut Ud - Let working life grow"."

+45 41 62 48 87

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Christina Schärfe Lambach

Managing Partner at Essencius

Christina is an expert in communication and works with managers, brands and corporate image. She runs the company Essencius and in the past 15 years has developed campaigns for organizations and companies such as the Cancer Society, Hospital Clowns and Movember as well as Electrolux, Singapore Airlines and Sportmaster. The campaigns include both employee-oriented and external communication.

+45 40 55 53 06

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+45 41 62 48 87

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