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Helps workplaces use nature while solving work tasks

Outdoor Office Week
From June 3. to 8. in 2024

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What is Outdoor Office Week?

Outdoor Office Week helps workplaces use nature while solving work tasks. We do this because it strengthens the workplace and mental well-being. 


We motivate and inspire employees and companies through tips, tricks and events, so that more people can benefit from the healing and good effects of nature.




Read here about Outdoor Office Week's upcoming exciting events!

Among other things, you can see our invitation to Outdoor Office Day 2023, which took place at ARKEN. 

Success stories

Get inspiration from experienced companies that have already tried to move work outside.

The companies share their experiences about what is easy, difficult and fantastic about starting new good outdoor habits in the workplace.​


In Denmark, the most frequently reported workplace injury from office workers is psychological problems, such as stress and depression. Our week of inspiration has been developed as a step on the way towards a better and more productive work culture. Read more about nature's positive effect on mental health here.  

Read about Outdoor Office Week 2023

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