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Here you will find 10 ideas and good advice on how you and your company can move work tasks outside.

Plan outdoor activities  


Start the week by looking at your work tasks - choose one that you can take outside and book your calendar so that it is clear to yourself and others that you have to go out 

Talk about it 


Talk in your team about how it is ok to move some of the work outside and that you can be efficient outside

Start meetings outside 


Try having your team meeting start outside at the "round table" where you check in with each other and then go inside if you need to show documents on a screen 

Capture good ideas on the walk 


To remember your decisions after one

walk n'talk, it might be an idea to use the dictaphone function in your smart phone


Bring power 


When on the phone/Teams/Zoom meetings, it can be a good idea to bring a power bank so you don't run out of power en route 

Plan walking routes


Find a few good routes around your workplace so you know exactly where you are going and how long it takes to walk the route. That way you can better concentrate on your walking meeting 

Find the best outdoor spots


Take a trip and find the best nature spots. That way you get the most out of your outdoor work if you find a few places that you feel suit you and your work well 

Be prepared for
the weather


Don't let the weather decide whether you go out - unless it's pouring. Please bring a good pair of shoes to work, if possible and possibly an umbrella – then the vast majority of walking meetings can be carried out in a good way 

Get your colleagues involved


Tell colleagues about what you get out of moving some of the work outside, so they might be motivated to try too 

Enjoy nature and yours

Enjoy that you have the opportunity to get fresh air and new energy during your working day, regardless of whether it is just 2 minutes in a doorway or longer for example from your home office 


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